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While the larger part of media and public consideration is on loans for residential properties, we perceive the requirements of clients searching for business loaning solutions. That is the reason we offer a suite of items with a scope of components and options tailored specifically for customers looking to borrow funds for a commercial venture.

Why Business Loans??

  • Buying commercial property: If you’d like to borrow funds from the Bank to purchase an existing commercial property and use the property as the security for the loan.
  • Refinancing a current commercial loan: If you’re existing commercial lending facility is not working exactly as you would like, speak to with one of our broker or credit experts to discuss the options which suited more to your needs.
  • Diversifying your portfolio: Purchasing commercial property can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. There is a range of investment properties to suit most budgets and net income returns generally outperform returns from residential properties
Things you need to consider

Managing a commercial investment property is same as managing a residential investment property however; there are some considerations which need to be considered before committing to a purchase.

  • Long term leases – Commercial leases are generally for a period of three to ten years, compared to residential leases which are typically for around one year.
  • Higher expenses – Deposits of around 30% are generally required by lenders for commercial property investment. Building repair and support expenses can likewise be higher than a private property.

At Empower Financial, we offer other financial services as well such as First Home Buyer,Next Home Buyers, Refinancing, Property Investment, Debt Consolidation.

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