Non-Conforming Loans

These loans are meant for those borrowers who do not meet the standard lending criteria. Non -Conforming Loans are designed especially to assist a borrower in these circumstances. When you’re labeled as ‘non-conforming’, it’s understandable that you feel help might be hard to find. But don’t worry when Empower Financial is here to help you. Empower Financial’s flexible and holistic approach has helped offer non-conforming home loans to borrowers for over 10 years. And saying that it means, helping borrowers just like you achieve home loan finance, according to their personal circumstance.

Pros and cons of the variable Non - Conforming loan:

Advantages of Non - Conforming Loans are:

  • Overlooks poor credit rating
Disadvantages of Non - Conforming Loans are:

  • Higher interest rates than traditional loans
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