Line Of Credit


A Line of Credit account provides ongoing access to funds when you need them. Be prepared for life’s little emergencies with a financial safety that gives you access to funds when you need it. The Line of credit loan revolves around equity built up in your property and allows access to funds when needed. These products are creative ways to raise funds for investment by providing cash up to a pre-arranged limit. Each month the loan account balance is reduced by the amount of cash coming in and increased by the amount paid on the credit card or withdrawn in cash


  • Provides flexibility
  • Use the money you need and pay it back when you can
  • Home loan interest rates tend to be lower than credit cards or personal loans


  • There will be a sudden increase in repayments at the end of the Interest Only period and the loan converts to Principal and Interest repayments.
  • Lenders will assess your ability to repay the loan only on the principal and interest repayments. This can reduce your borrowing power, as these repayments will be higher than a loan on the Principal and Interest for the full term.
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